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Self-Storage Containers

Sometimes finding the right storage option for your needs can be difficult. With Guindon Moving and Storage, we offer various services to meet your needs with our self-storage containers.

Quick Read

Finding the right storage option to meet your needs can be a challenge, with so many offering some storage, but none of the benefits truly make storage simple or safe. By going with Guindon Moving and Storage, we offer various moving and storage options to fit your exact needs, such as our self-storage containers. These containers offer:

  • 24-hour Accessibility
  • Secure with 24/7 Monitoring
  • Long-term and Short-Term Options

By partnering with Guindon Moving and Storage for your self-storage needs, your self-storage needs can be met in a simple and straightforward way with our storage containers. Along with our storage containers, Guindon Moving and Storage offers impressive benefits to our customers, such as: 

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Over 80 Years of Experience
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Member of Preferred Movers Network USA

To get started with your storage container from Guindon Moving and Storage, fill out our simple and free online form or call us at [phone-esc1] for our Escanaba location or [phone-neg1] for our Negaunee location for your free estimate.


With our convenient and secure storage containers, you will never have to worry about setting up an appointment to add or remove items from your container, or worry about your belongings, as they are monitored 24/7.


Storage Containers for Rent in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

At Guindon Moving and Storage, our storage containers are available to our customers to rent for their self-storage needs.

We offer flexible storage terms that allow you to store your belongings in our storage containers on your own time and for as short or long as you need. When you’re ready to stop using our storage containers, just give us a 14-day notice before you vacate the container. 

Our storage containers come in one size and at one rate, making our self-storage containers convenient and hassle-free for our customers:

8×20 $65/month


The Difference between Storage Units and Storage Containers

When it comes to getting the right self-storage option for your needs, it can be challenging to know what fits your needs perfectly. With Guindon Moving and Storage, we offer both types of self-storage to offer flexibility and options to our customers. The differences between storage units and containers are:

  • Storage Units are built in a garage style, with many next to each other in one large building. These units are available with different sizing options. You can see what size options Guindon Moving and Storage has to offer here
  • Storage Containers feature a set of swinging doors that lock together. These containers here at Guindon Moving & Storage are sized at 8’x20’, and provide the same security as a storage unit, just without being incorporated into a building or structure. They are the perfect solution for needing a quick and effective storage solution. 

Both styles of storage will offer a way for the user to apply a lock to the door for added security. These storage options will also be monitored and inspected at Guindon Moving and Storage, adding more confidence in having your items stored safely and securely with us. 


What to Look for with Storage Services

Finding the right storage services can make the difference between having a secure place to store your belongings or a nightmare of your belongings going missing or being damaged. Here are some of the things to look out for when looking for the right self-storage services:

  • Convenience: Finding a self-storage company that allows you to store your items when you need them and take out items when needed, all without an appointment. 
  • Security: Knowing that your company of choice will be monitoring your belongings 24/7 can ensure you’ll feel less stress about storing your belongings.
  • Short and Long-Term Options: Having the flexibility to store your belongings as short or as long as you need is key to finding the right self-store option for your needs. 

By following these criteria, Guindon Moving and Storage stands out as one of the few moving and storage companies that offer the best self-storage options that are secure and straightforward. 


Why Choose Us

With Guindon Moving and Storage, we provide secured self-storage solutions that fit your exact needs. In addition, with our self-storage options, we also offer our customers excellent benefits such as:

    • Fully Licensed and Insured: We back all of our services at Guindon Moving and Storage by being fully licensed (USDOT 70719) and fully insured (general liability/worker’s comp.), providing security for your moving and storage needs.
  • Over 80 Years of Experience: With over 80 years of experience, Guindon Moving and Storage has the knowledge and expertise to provide safe and hassle-free storage with our self-storage containers.  
  • Family-Owned and Operated: At Guindon Moving and Storage, we create long-term connections with our customers as fellow Yoopers, along with being local to ensure your self-storage needs are met with our containers. 

Going with Guindon Moving and Storage means you will feel confident knowing we have the expertise and know-how to provide you with secure and stress-free self-storage with our storage containers. 


Get Your Storage Container

You’ll feel the difference in your self-storage needs with us. Ensure your self-storage needs are met with the experts at Guindon Moving and Storage who are fully licensed (USDOT 70719), fully insured  (general liability/worker’s comp.), and a member of the Preferred Movers Network USA. 

To reserve your storage container today from Guindon Moving and Storage, fill out our contact us form or give us a call at  [phone-esc1] for our Escanaba location or [phone-neg1]  for our Negaunee location.


Did you know...?

Can I Use Storage During My Move?

Yes! Off-site storage is commonly used in the moving process. Some people rent out a self-storage unit and have the movers take your items there. The easier way is to find a moving company that offers its own warehouse storage.

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