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Guindon Moving & Storage offers professional packing and unpacking services for your local or long-distance move. If you are planning a move, let us give you an estimate on how much easier life can be with professional packers taking the stress away.


Our professional packing services include:

  • Taking an inventory of your belongings.
  • Deciding on the proper size boxes and packing material to keep items safe during transport.
  • Crating for specialty items, such as flat-screen TVs, mirrors and artwork.
  • Unpacking services are available too!


If you want an estimate on packing services for your next move, give us a call in Escanaba at (906) 786-6560 or in Negaunee at (906) 475-4139 or fill out this form, and one of our moving representatives will begin preparing an estimate.

You have finally arrived in your new home! There may be something that you cannot live a day without. After a long day of traveling and moving, you just want to relax and listen to music. If you cannot find your stereo equipment and it wasn’t properly labeled, it may take a long time to uncover.

Taking inventory and writing down everything you have is important for making sure you can find your favorite things after you have settled in. A misplaced item may take weeks to surface.

Hiring our professional packing services is a great way to reduce the stress and mental anguish that comes from moving. We’ll not only pack your items, but we’ll label the boxes, place them right where you want them in your new home, and can even unpack for you!

Large Box Moving Supplies

Use large boxes for bulky but light items.

Reduce Your Stress With Our Professional Packers


Packing efficiently can significantly reduce the amount of time you invest into moving. You probably have much more important things you would rather put your energy into – like tying up loose ends at work or taking care of your family.

In addition to saving time, you remove the chance of getting injured. Lifting heavy objects puts a lot of stress on your back and muscles which may cause you to get hurt.

Your stress levels will go down significantly. Sometimes packing is the most stressful aspect of the move. It can take months to get everything organized, wrapped and boxed up.

If you are inexperienced, packing your boxes may present challenges as you try to figure out how much you can fit into them and how to arrange them.

Medium Box Moving Supplies

Medium boxes are ideal for most of your moving needs.

Let the professionals at Guindon handle it. We have been packing and moving delicate items for the past 80 years. Our team is well-trained and experienced at making sure your fine china, drinking glasses, mirrors, artwork, stereo equipment, picture frames and everything else is protected and arrives safely at your new home.

Packing services are also convenient for people who are older or have physical or organizational disabilities. Hiring our packing services is a great way to make sure that you and your loved ones are well taken care of.

Packing Supplies


We offer highly durable supplies to ensure that all your belongings will be safe in transit. Our offerings come in a wide variety to meet your custom moving needs. We offer reusable totes and a huge selection of boxes and packing materials. Guindon Moving & Storage has the largest inventory of professional moving supplies in the area.

Shop our selection of moving boxes and packing paper. 

Wardrobe boxes allow clothes to be left on the hangers.

Packing Tips


We have been packing and moving for over the past 80 years. This experience has taught us the best practices. Here are a few things we learned along the way.

  • Make sure you pack everything by room. Do it one room at a time.
  • List your items out on either a piece of paper or the moving box itself.
  • Group like items together for better organization.
  • Layer everything in a box by weight
  • Put heavy items near the door to make moving day faster
  • Group fragile items together and label the boxes so your movers will be extra cautious


Here are more packing tips from the pros at Guindon Moving & Storage. 

Totes Moving Supplies

We offer the use of reusable moving totes, to protect the environment — and your belongings.

Professional Escanaba Movers


If you want or need a mover to pack your home or business, we have over 80 years-worth of packing and moving experience.

Our reputation and customer-first attitude have allowed us to become the largest moving and storage company in Northern Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

If you search for “packing companies near me,” make sure you choose Guindon Moving & Storage.  To learn more about our moving services or to start planning, you can request a free moving estimate or give us a call at 1-800-562-1075.

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Where do I Get Packing Supplies?

There’s a lot of packing supplies needed to optimize your moving timeline, from belts to bubble wrap to dollies, moving blankets, moving boxes, totes, and more! Be sure to start getting these items together early on if you are packing yourself.

First, check to see if your friends and family have any supplies left over from a recent move. After this, check in with your movers. Typically, moving companies will sell all the packing supplies you could need at a great price.

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