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Below are some packing hints if you decide to tackle the packing yourself. Just remember, if you get overwhelmed Guindon Moving is happy to send our Professionals to assist you.

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Please keep in mind that it is illegal and unsafe for us to transport items that are flammable, explosive, or corrosive. You can find a list of these prohibited items here:

Hazardous Materials

Packing and Moving China and Glassware


Guindon Moving & Storage recommends using dish packs for china and glassware. Place plenty of cushioning material in the bottom of the carton and between layers.

Wrap each item in several sheets of clean paper. Begin wrapping items from the corner of the paper, tucking the edges as you roll. Place items in the box with rims down. Remember, the heavier pieces go on the bottom!

Plates should be wrapped individually using several sheets of paper. Start from the corner, wrapping diagonally, continuously tucking in overlapping edges. Bundle four to six plates in a double layer of newspaper. Place bundles in a row, standing them on edge. Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces.

Stand shallow bowls on edge. Deep bowls (such as mixing bowls) are nested two or three together, on their rims. Wrap sugar bowl lids in tissue, turning them upside down on the bowl before wrapping them together. Place sugar bowls, pitchers and similar pieces upright in the carton.

Cups and glassware should be wrapped in a double layer of paper and placed on rims, in a row, on the upper layer within the box with all the handles facing upward in the same direction.



Packing and Moving Silverware


Loose flatware may be wrapped either individually or in sets, in clear plastic or tissue. If the silverware is in a chest, you still may want to wrap the pieces individually and replace in the chest. Fill in all empty spaces in the chest with tissue paper or paper toweling.



Packing and Moving Silver-plate or Sterling Silver


Since air causes silver to tarnish, all silver pieces should be completely enclosed in fresh, clean tissue paper or plastic wrap. Silver bowls, tea sets and serving dishes should be carefully wrapped as fragile items and packed the same as china.



Packing and Moving Books


Because books are heavy, use small cartons. Pack on edge, alternating bound edge to open edge. Pack books of same general size together.



Packing and Moving Lamps


After removing the light bulb, wrap the base, harp, and bulb separately, in newsprint, and place together in a box, filling spaces with crushed paper. Carefully wrap each shade in three or four sheets of fresh tissue paper, a pillowcase or a large lightweight towel. Large, Tiffany-style lampshades and chandeliers should be packed in a crate. Your Guindon Moving & Storage representative can arrange to have a custom crate built.



Packing and Moving Glass Table Tops, Marble Slabs, Mirrors and Art


It is best to consult with your Guindon Moving & Storage representative about obtaining custom-made cartons or crates for these items. Note: Paper should never touch the surface of oil paintings.


Packing and Moving Clothing


Footwear may be left in shoe boxes and placed in large size boxes. Shoes may be wrapped individually, then in pairs. Footwear should be cushioned to avoid damage occurring to high heels or ornaments. Do not pack heavy items on top of shoes.

Leave clothes on hangers and transport in wardrobe cartons. You may remove garments from the hanger, fold and place in a suitcase or lined box. Some lightweight clothing such as hosiery and lingerie may be left in dresser drawers.

Guindon Moving & Storage recommends taking any furs or high-value items with you, rather than packing them.


Packing and Moving Linen and Bedding

Because linens are lightweight, they can be used for padding delicate items or folded and placed in larger, lined boxes.


Packing and Moving Draperies, Curtains and Rugs

Draperies and curtains may be folded and packed in larger, lined boxes. An alternative is to place the items on hangers in a wardrobe carton. Leave rugs on the floor for the mover to handle unless they have just returned from the cleaners. Carpets will be rolled and stretch wrapped prior to placing them on the truck.


Packing and Moving Photographs and Valuables

If possible, carry all valuables and photos with you to your new destination.

Photos are best protected in albums; any framed photographs should be wrapped and bundled similar to plates. Loose photos should be secured and protected from damage. Guindon Moving & Storage suggests packing photographs in separate boxes for shipping.


Packing and Moving Small Appliances

Small clocks, radios and similar items can be packed in the same carton, or with the linens. Wrap items individually using several pieces of paper, and place in the packed box with plenty of crushed paper.


Packing and Moving Large Appliances

Large appliances must be serviced and dry before shipping. Be sure to discuss this with your Guindon Moving & Storage’ representative.


Packing and Moving Tools

Hand tools may be left in toolboxes, fill spaces with crushed paper, or the tools may be packed according to general packing rules. Always use small boxes because tools are generally heavy.


Packing or Moving Food

We suggest you use or give away food. Guindon Moving & Storage does not ship anything that is perishable.

Did you know...?

How Does “Moving Valuation” Work?

There are three levels of valuation. The basic plan is typically called “Release Rate Liability” and will pay you a certain amount of money per pound or a fraction of what your item's value is.

You can also get “Full-Value Coverage” which means that, if your belongings are lost or damaged, will be repaired, replaced with items, or get a cash settlement.

Lastly, you will be able to mark your items on a “High-Value Inventory'' list. All items that come in at over $100 per pound must be on this list. This can be anything from jewelry to art to antiques and more.

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