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Professional Moving Totes

Guindon Moving and Storage can provide you with the best durable moving totes.

As a full-service moving company, we can provide you with the best packing totes for your local or long-distance move. If you are planning a move in Marquette, Escanaba or anywhere in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or parts of Northern Wisconsin, you need the best moving supplies to help you get the job done. Along with packing paper, bubble wrap and other moving supplies, Guindon Moving and Storage can provide with the best moving totes.

Our plastic moving totes are great for any residential or office move you may be planning. If you want the best protection for your possessions, equipment or assets, then our moving totes are the solution you need. They help make packing, transporting and unpacking that much easier! All packing boxes are haul ready. Rent moving totes today from Guindon Moving and Storage.

When you rent professional moving totes from Guindon Moving and Storage you are getting the best moving boxes that are:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to transport
  • Safe and Secured

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes

At Guindon Moving and Storage, we want to make your move go as smooth as possible. Packing is one of the biggest challenges everyone faces during the moving process. It requires gathering multiple moving supplies, packing your possessions safely and carefully arranging them in your truck. The whole process can be tedious. Without the right packing material and boxes, you can be putting your items at the risk of damage. You need to use professional moving totes to ensure a safe and easy transportation for all your possessions.

When you rent our plastic moving boxes for your move, you are eliminating many factors that you would typically worry about with cardboard boxes and other moving supplies.

Unlike cardboard boxes, our moving totes are durable. They can get wet and be tossed around without the threat of potential damage occurring to the items inside. With a sealable lid, you can say goodbye to packing tape and the threat of moisture seeping into your boxes.

Our moving totes have been specifically designed to make packing and transporting easier. All boxes are stackable and can be placed on top of one another without damaging the contents within the boxes below. If you have any plastic totes that you did not use, they easily nest inside one another saving you room on the moving truck.

Best Moving Boxes for Your Upper Peninsula Move

Don’t jeopardize any fragile items by using cardboard boxes. Our moving totes are a ready-to-go box with no assembly required. Save money by eliminating the extra costs of moving tape, and transport any of your heavy items with ease!

If you are looking for the best moving supplies for your next move in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or parts of Northern Wisconsin, rent moving totes from Guindon Moving and Storage. Ask your moving representative about what we can provide for you and how we can help make your move easier! For more information on our professional moving totes, contact Guindon Moving and Storage today at (906) 786-6560. Fill out our online form to begin your next move today.

Did you know...?

How Does “Moving Valuation” Work?

There are three levels of valuation. The basic plan is typically called “Release Rate Liability” and will pay you a certain amount of money per pound or a fraction of what your item's value is.

You can also get “Full-Value Coverage” which means that, if your belongings are lost or damaged, will be repaired, replaced with items, or get a cash settlement.

Lastly, you will be able to mark your items on a “High-Value Inventory'' list. All items that come in at over $100 per pound must be on this list. This can be anything from jewelry to art to antiques and more.

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