One Man’s Trash

As longtime Yoopers — we’ve been in business for more than 80 years — Guindon Moving & Storage is often asked by newcomers for advice on some of the best stores, sites and restaurants around. And we’re happy to share.

One place that happily escaped our attention was the Dumpster Water Grill, in downtown Marquette. Just take a look at the menu: Artisan-sourced leche on a bed of lightly wilted greens. For dessert, mixed berries suspended in a hot dog water gelatin. And wash it down with an Opossum-blossom “tea.”

If you’re wondering why “tea” is in quotation marks, that’s because none of this is real. It’s a fictional restaurant dreamed up by one of the bright and humourous graduates of the Upper Peninsula’s finest colleges — and that’s no joke.

Check out the rest of the menu here:

The Detroit Free Press recently “reviewed” this “restaurant,” and Google users have too. Check out the 58 reviews and counting.