Moving to Nahma Twp. MI | Milkweed Inn Opens

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Chicago Chef Moving to Nahma

Only 25 miles east of Escanaba, the small region of Nahma Township is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan and only two hours west of the Mackinaw Bridge.

The small township is now home to a brand-new Northern Michigan experience that combines the farm and inn experience with exquisite cuisine. The chef and owner of both the Michelin-starred Elizabeth restaurant and the Kitsune Japanese Pub is now bringing her talents to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Along with the addition of this exciting new travel destination, we assembled some of the best things to do and attractions to visit in and around Nahma Township.

The New Milkweed Inn in the Upper Peninsula

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Chef Iliana Regan and her wife Anna Hamlin have decided to make the move from Chicago to the Upper Peninsula. Joining the Nahma Inn and other Michigan cabins, Chef Illiana and her wife are opening the Milkweed Inn in Nahma Township.

According to Eater, Regan decided to open the Milkweed Inn in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula because of the abundance of nuts, mushrooms and berries that are scattered throughout the surrounding natural landscape. Regan is known for her new-gatherer cuisine, which are menu items that consist of dishes made specifically with ingredients from the land.

Visitors who take a vacation at the Milkweed Inn will receive a variety of unique meals prepared by Regan herself. Guests will also get the opportunity to enjoy a tasting menu prepared using ingredients grown on Milkweed’s garden. On Sunday’s, before checkout, guests will receive breakfast from Regan consisting of bread, pastries and cookies.

Visitors on the wait list will get the chance to pick from several different types of cabin styles. According to the Eater, guests will get to choose between a more home-like cabin with three rooms, an airstream trailer or a “glamping” tent with wood floors.

Regan and Hamlin will open their doors up to 10 guests each weekend starting in August 2019. Reservations are starting at $600.00 to stay on Regan’s property. The duration is Friday through Sunday and is an all-inclusive experience which includes the meals prepared by the expert chef.

During the weekend getaway, vacationers will not only get the chance to taste unique dishes prepared by Regan but will also get the opportunity to explore the grounds around the Milkweed Inn. They can take part in various activities consisting of kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Other Attractions Near Nahma

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Along with the Milkweed Inn, there are other attractions that are a must do in Nahma. If you are planning a trip or looking to move to the area, be sure to check out the many sites in and around the township.

Nahma Golf Course: A 9-hole golf course with a great view. Golfers can enjoy this “vintage” golf course built in 1922. With views of Lake Michigan, this course is a great challenge for all golfers.

Big Springs: Michigan’s largest freshwater spring. Visitors can take an observation raft to points overlooking underwater features. The spring consists of ancient trees, limestone, trout and other natural beauties.

Dogsledding: If you find yourself in Nahma during the winter season, you can have the chance to go dog sledding. With the season beginning in December and running through April, you have plenty of time to book this unique experience.

Fayatte Ghost Town: it might not be haunted but a trip to this destination that lies between Escanaba and Manistique is definitely worth a trip. Visitors can make a stop here to tour what was once a bustling industrial community. You can spend the day visiting the museum in town or enjoy a walking tour.

Other Things to do in Nahma

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Nahma is a classic Northern Michigan township. It is the perfect place for any person or family that enjoys the great outdoors. Located on the grounds of the Hiawatha National Forest and right off the coast of Big Bay De Noc, Nahma offers plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy year round.

  • Fishing: The region has great fishing locations all around the area. Regardless of the season, you can spend your day fishing for pike, bass, perch and other fish found in nearby bodies of water. Popular fishing locations are spread out through the inland lakes as well as the Sturgeon River.
  • Hunting: Located on the ground of the Hiawatha National Forest, Nahma is a popular hunting destination for people who enjoy the sport. The area is filled with plenty of deer, small game and even black bears.
  • Water Activities: During the hot summer months, you can cool off or enjoy yourself on the many inland lakes throughout the region. You can spend the day kayaking and canoeing on the Sturgeon River or on Big Bay De Noc. With boat launches located in the city, you can take your boat out into the bay and head out onto Lake Michigan.
  • Winter Activities: With an abundance of hiking trails and other natural pathways, the winter time still offers many outdoor activities for anyone to enjoy. During the winter season, you can spend the day riding along a variety of snowmobile trails that are groomed throughout the Hiawatha National Forest. Ice fishing is also a popular hobby vacationers and local residents enjoy during the winter months.

Executive Summary

Nahma Township might be small, but the opportunities and attractions are definitely big. The township is like most other Upper Peninsula cities, offering outdoor activities that attract tourists yearly. The addition of Chef Regan’s new bed and breakfast style property is a fine addition to the many activities and things to do in Nahma Township.

If you are planning on moving to Nahma, or anywhere in the Upper Peninsula, or are currently a resident in the area, it is definitely something to add to your bucket list as a unique, fun and relaxing experience. As a local Upper Peninsula company ourselves, we are glad to welcome the Milkweed Inn to our area as further proof of the fine lifestyle Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offers. Welcome Chef Iliana and wife Anna!