Moving Industry Trends 2022 In The Upper Peninsula

Moving Industry Trends 2022 In The Upper Peninsula

Like any large industry, the moving industry has its ups and downs as the market and demand fluctuate. It can be challenging for many to understand the impact industry fluctuations have on moving companies. When demand gets more robust, so do the issues that moving companies have to handle.

This trend doesn’t just affect the Upper Peninsula: it has a national impact. Some of these trends can be seen as:

  • The start of the busy seasons with most moving companies’ peak season is from June to August, having after-effects in Fall and into 2023.
  • The chip shortage has decreased the number of trucks a moving company can acquire. This is due to cost and the scarcity of chips.
  • Labor shortages during even low demand are never good for any business to encounter, but with such a high demand for moving companies, it can be a massive hindrance.
  • With what’s being called the Great Supply Chain Disruption by the New York Times still looming over 2022, it can be a challenge for any company to more items through ports and freight routes.

We created this blog to discuss the changes in the current market shift in Michigan and the increase in demand. In addition, this guide should give you an insight into how your moving company is being affected by current world events.

The Chip Shortage

With the pandemic continuing throughout the United States, many moving companies have changed how they do business. In addition, with a drop in the number of trucks available, many moving companies need to adjust their companies’ size and fleets.

Many trucks sit on lots, not finished, waiting on chips that will not come. As a result, many moving companies cannot expand to take on more jobs without chips for their trucks, and some shrink entirely not being able to keep up with their workload. This means many companies struggle with moving large jobs or multiple jobs.

According to the 45th annual United Van Lines national movers’ study, Michigan is ranked highly for outbound moves, with “58% of moves in Michigan were for another state, marking the state’s highest outbound number reported in the past five years.”

There can be some logistical issues with more people moving out rather than into the state. Because of this, many trucks come back empty, which can lead to a loss of revenue or more.

Moving companies have a lot to do if they want to succeed in Michigan. First, when moving, ensure that you get a company that can give you the best experience possible. Also, remember that with the current issues in the supply chain and the logistics issues many moving companies face, it’s important to consider their challenges when hiring a moving company.

Busy Season

Summer is a busy time for movers. Even though the kids are on break, the moving industry isn’t. It is certainly nice not having to deal with the hassle of working around classes and different school events. It’s a perfect season to prepare for a move.

Many moving companies recommend that you do it in the off-season in the winter months if you are looking to move. This not only saves you money but demand is lower, meaning more booking times are available.

Listed below are some of the benefits of scheduling your move early:

  • A stress-free moving experience is expected during the off-season because many moving and storage companies have fewer bookings.
  • Customers receive higher savings on average; This tends to change when demand rises.
  • Fewer bookings lead to a very open schedule, which means more time to personalize your move.

Sometimes moving during peak moving season is the only option. If this is the case for you, be sure to do your research as you scour the state for a moving company that has available time slots here are some tips for moving in peak season:

  • Check to see if the reviews are from trusted sources. This will allow you to be confident in the movers you partner with.
  • Customer service is a must-have in the moving industry. Representatives need to be there from start to finish to deliver the best service to you.
  • Make sure your items are labeled and stored correctly; this can cut down on costs and overall concerns for everyone involved.

With the change in trends going into the 2022 season and the continued busy seasons of some companies in specific markets, we can see a shift in how many companies will handle your move. While it might not be filled with open schedules like in previous years, it’s still important to be wary that many participate in a hectic moving season.

Labor Shortages

With a rise in COVID numbers comes a drop in employment as many people feel being at home is safer. Unfortunately, this means that moving businesses suffer. According to The New York Times, a record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August of 2021 alone.

This record drop in employment comes after many workers have dealt with unsafe working conditions. This leads to a rise in COVID numbers and has caused many employees to want work-from-home options, with some companies are unwilling to offer work-from-home options.

How does this hurt your move?

Several workers quitting their jobs can cause labor shortages for moving companies. With some waiting to fill the labor gap before continuing moves. This shortage has drivers of the moving trucks and the moving crews alike. Without the needed help, moving companies can accomplish fewer moves. As a result, your move might take longer than expected, or the moving company might be unable to make more significant moves meaning fewer open slots.

What This Means For You In 2022

Movers have experienced a whole host of issues in 2021. But how does this affect your 2022 moving plans? Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Some companies cannot handle the peak season moving boom due to staffing shortages which contribute to fewer moving times available.
  • A chip shortage makes it hard to find new moving trucks anywhere. Leading to fewer moving vehicles for your move.

If you consider moving, remember during this time of economic ups and downs of 2022, many moving companies are struggling to compete with the market shifts and pandemic panic. Scheduling your moves during the offseason and researching your company before investing in a mover is the best way to get the right moving company for you. As we move further into 2022, there is hope that several things will happen:

  • Workers will return to their work environments, helping relieve labor shortages.
  • Supply chain problems will even out with ports and shipping routes.
  • The peak season will provide better business for moving companies.

With a promising outlook going into the rest of 2022, we hope to see a change in the moving industry, a boost in moves and a return to ordinarily slower winter and fall, and busier peak season.