5 Tips for Senior Moving in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Moving to your new home is stressful for anyone, especially older adults. When you’re moving to or from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP), some unique challenges come with it. As a solution, we have put together this guide for seniors looking to make their next move in UP, Michigan.


1) Ask Friends and Family For Help

Whether you are moving as a senior citizen or are helping your elderly parents or family members move, it is always a good idea to rally your family members and friends for their help in the moving process. There is a lot your family and friends can assist you with local moves and long-distance moves, especially if you decide it is time to downsize.

Whether you are decluttering, packing, or making the actual move without a moving company, it is always good to have help to make the process less overwhelming. Although, if you choose to make a DIY move for yourself or your senior parents, it is a good idea to ask for your friends and family’s help at least a few months before moving day to ensure they are available to help.


2) Research Moving Companies and Local Senior Moving Services

If you want or need professional help, look for a senior move manager experienced in relocating seniors to the UP. Team members will be able to navigate any and all aspects of your move, from packing, unpacking, and loading your belongings to arranging for storage or disposal of any unwanted items.

It is also essential to read Google customer reviews; that way, you can see first-hand experiences explaining things like whether or not the company arrived on time. This way, you can guarantee that you choose someone whose clients are satisfied and highly recommend your mover. Furthermore, choosing a company with excellent customer service and getting references from other seniors in the UP who have used their services before is essential.


3) Packing and Local Resources

Packing services can help you pack up your belongings more efficiently, which saves you precious time when you settle into your new home or facility. The majority of moving companies offer full-service moves, including packing and unpacking services, so you should add packing services as part of your research.

If you plan to choose the DIY route with packing, it is crucial to stay organized. One of the most efficient and helpful ways to ensure your packing organization is to pack by room and label the boxes with their assigned room, i.e., bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. This way, you will know where to tell whoever is helping you move where the boxes go on your moving day.


4) Create a Floor Plan

After you have chosen your new home or facility, it is smart to ask for your new space’s floor plan or blueprint. This way, you can pre-plan where all your furniture will go, avoiding the stress and chaos of figuring out where you want something when your movers or helpers ask you.


5) Look into Hiring a Senior Move Manager

Senior move managers specialize in assisting and supporting you during every aspect of the move. They have extensive knowledge of senior moving, including connections to local resources and communities that can help older adults transition smoothly into assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or other senior living arrangements. In addition, senior move managers’ expertise and knowledge can help soften the stress and confusion of downsizing, relocating, and transitioning into an assisted living facility.

With the experienced knowledge of how to best handle the complexities of senior moving, these managers and movers are pros at handling anything from the financial to legal aspects of senior living arrangements. Furthermore, hiring a moving company with a senior moving specialist can make the process smoother and more manageable for everyone involved.


Moving can be intimidating for anyone, especially older adults who have not moved from their long-term homes for many years. However, the tips we have discussed, such as hiring a specialist in senior moves and packing, can help make your moving process more manageable.

This guide is designed with the intention of eliminating some of your stress around moving. By planning and preparing, older adults can enjoy a stress-free move and settle into their new home with ease.