Electronics Packing & Shipping Services in the Upper Peninsula

Is your business ready for an upgrade in technology? If your office or facility has electronics that are still functioning that you’re looking to replace with newer technology or that are no longer in use, our electronics equipment shipping service is the solution for you!

Our movers and packers at Guindon Moving & storage will take your electronics from your location and ship them to another business who can make use of your reusable electronics. Our process of packing, palletizing and shipping electronic equipment is organized and efficient, and by the end you’ll be relieved with the weight off your shoulders and freed up space for your new equipment.

Our process of packing, palletizing and shipping electronic equipment is organized and efficient, and by the end you’ll be relieved with the weight off your shoulders.

We have the knowledge and skills that come from over 80 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. Our expert movers handle all moves with extreme care and attention to detail whether it’s a school move, a commercial business move or a hospital move. We understand that every move comes with unique requirements, and we conduct each one professionally with the proper tools and resources necessary to complete the move successfully.

When moving electronics such as computers, copiers, tablets, monitors or medical equipment we take all the precautionary steps to ensure the equipment packing, palletizing and shipping are all done free of damage.

Electronic Equipment Packaging and Shipping

school computer lab Packing and shipping electronic equipment is a task you should leave up to the professionals. Your school might have dozens, even hundreds of computers, monitors and equipment that are being replaced. Your hospital or medical facility may have large, sensitive equipment that are being updated. Your office might have copiers or other machines that have been collecting dust in the corner. Whatever your situation may be, rely on our electronics packing and shipping services to take care of it all for you. Our movers will handle the process in its entirety from start to finish. We will arrive with all the necessary protective packing materials and tools so that moving electronics out of the building and into our truck is done in the safest possible manner. We will prepare all electronic equipment by palletizing them as necessary, so they are stable during shipment. Once all the items are properly packaged and prepped for electronics shipping, they will be kept in our secure, government inspected storage warehouse until they are ready for long-haul shipment.

Electronics Packing, Palletizing and Shipping Company

No matter how big or small your electronic equipment shipping job may be, Guindon Moving & Storage has got you covered.  We’ve worked with all types of businesses and whether we’re moving electronics from a large hospital or small business, we treat every move with the same high-quality service that comes from dedicated professional movers. Let us take care of the recyclable printers, computers, servers, and all other equipment that you’re looking to remove. To get your electronics packing, palletizing and shipping process started, fill out our online form for a free estimate or contact us at either our Escanaba, MI or Negaunee, MI locations.

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Did you know...?

What is the Difference Between Local and Long-Distance Moving?

Many people hear the terms “Local Movers” and “Long-Distance Movers” and assume that these have to do purely with how far the move is. Local moves are ones that take place within the borders of a state while long-distance moves are ones where you cross the border.

There’s significant importance for this distinction because there are laws and regulations in place for moving across state lines, and these vary from state to state. Be sure to ask your movers whether they can take you across state lines if necessary. The best way to be sure is to search for a moving company that is an agent of a national van line.

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