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Local Movers Iron Mountain, Michigan

For over 80 years, Guindon Moving & Storage has been providing high-quality moving services with exceptional customer care for all of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the surrounding areas. When you choose us as your local Iron Mountain movers, you give yourself access to our expert moving specialists who are dedicated to making sure your moving process is hassle-free.

Our move experts are able to effectively handle whatever your moving and storage needs may be from the smallest detail to the largest. We have trucks of all sizes so we can accommodate your move no matter how small or big! So, if you’re in the market for a local move, look no further than Guindon Moving & Storage.

Full-Service Iron Mountain Movers

At Guindon Moving & Storage, we’re fully-equipped at delivering quality service for all types of moves. We provide you with a range of end-to-end options to match the moving and storage needs you require. Below, are just a few services we have available to you at your discretion:






Don’t sweat the small stuff, let Guindon do all the heavy lifting! We’re your local moving pros with the expertise to help get your move underway!

Warehouse Storage

Our climate-controlled warehouse storage is located conveniently in two locations: Escanaba & Negaunee. Whether you need short- or long-term storage while you’re settling into, or moving out of your home, we can provide your belongings with the safety they deserve by offering our spacious warehouses under 24-hour surveillance while the rest of our team manages your move.

Self-Service Storage

We also offer you the capability to store your household items yourself! Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term storage solutions, Guindon has self-service storage options tailored to your requirements. For short-term storage, we provide a month-to-month contract so you’re not locked into a year of service you won’t need. Don’t forget to notify us within 2 weeks before you vacate!

Local Apartment Movers

No one understands just how frustrating apartment moves can be better than us! We have the right moving crew to assist you in maneuvering your items into elevators and help you with handling large, bulky furniture up and down endless stairs and can deal with quirky hallways so you have more time to focus on packing the rest of your home.

Need helping packing your stuff? Only need a few things moved from room to room? We’ve got you covered. We have tons of talented staff equipped with all sorts of packing materials and resources like our durable and professional moving totes which are great at keeping your items in tip-top shape while in-transit. At Guindon Moving & Storage, our customers are like family and we’ll treat your move just like we would our own!

Local Moving Estimates

The decision to choose a moving company depends on your budget. At Guindon Moving & Storage, we want to support you by giving you a fully detailed estimate report based only on the services you require when you fill out our estimate form. No hidden costs–promise.

From mileage, to how many items you need to transport, the size of your home or office, packing supplies you may need, or even the day of the week–all these details may adjust your final moving price.

In order for you to receive the most accurate estimate possible, be precise in the number of items, rooms, boxes or services for which you will need assistance. It’s best to request a moving coordinator to come out and give you a free in-home estimate.

Contact Guindon Moving & Storage

Need more information about how Guindon Moving & Storage can help you with your move? Simply contact one of our representatives in your neighborhood by phone at (800) 628-0927 and one of our moving coordinators will reach out right away! If you’re looking for a estimate on an upcoming move, don’t forget to fill out our free estimate form!

Did you know...?

What is the Difference Between a Quote and Estimate?

While some moving companies use the terms interchangeably, there is a big difference between a quote and estimate. An estimate is simply a contractor's best guess as to how much the price will be. On the other hand, a quote is binding. Unless there was a variation to your contract, a quote is set in stone.

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