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Moving to Iron Mountain, Michigan

Iron Mountain, MI has a population of just over 7,600, over 3,300 households and just over 2,000 families residing in Iron Mountain. This vibrant Upper Peninsula community sits in Dickinson County and is aptly named for the valuable iron ore found in the area. In 2006, former Governor Jennifer Granholm named Iron Mountain as a “Michigan Main Street” community. It is also home to Michigan State University men’s basketball coach, Tom Izzo and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci.

If you’re planning to move to Iron Mountain or any of the surrounding areas in Michigan’s scenic Upper Peninsula, choose a moving company you can rely on with over 80 years of experience in the industry. Guindon Moving & Storage can take care of your local, long-distance or international moves by providing you with affordable professional moving services based on a detailed price estimate determined by the services you require.

Things to Do in Iron Mountain, MI

Iron Mountain is nestled on the Wisconsin-Michigan border at the crossroads of US Highway’s 2 and 41. It is a progressive and historical city and is a wonderful place to raise a family or grow a business. A vibrant downtown, scenic surroundings and growing economy give Iron Mountain residents pride in their home and community.

Oftentimes named as a gateway to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Iron Mountain has many places to see, family-friendly activities in which to participate, such as historical and informative museums, and a beautiful country landscape showcasing majestic waterfalls, lakes and much more including the Midwest’s largest bat hibernacula, the abandoned Millie Hill mine, where approximately 25,000-50,000 bats live during the Winter season.

Below are just a handful of places that make Iron Mountain, MI a wonderful place to move:

  • Millie Mine Bat Viewing signMillie Hill Mine: An abandoned iron mine home to one of North America’s largest breeding bat colonies. The entrance has a cover made from a special type of steel that prevents tourists and residents from falling into the shaft but allows the bats to easily enter and leave their habitat. The most ideal time to witness bat activity is at the peak of dusk during Spring (May/Apr.) and Summer (Sep./Oct.) months. Millie Hill Mine is designated as an official Michigan Wildlife Viewing Area.
  • Steam pump engine in Iron MountainChapin Mine Steam Pump Engine (Cornish Pump): Before Iron Mountain became the tight-knit town that it is today, it was once known as a mining city home to the Chapin Mine, established in 1879, but inoperable until 14 years later in 1893. Discovered by two men, James John Hagerman and Dr. Nelson Powell Hulst, they named the mine after the landowner from whom they were leasing the land, Henry Chapin. Until Aug. 1932, the mine was fully operable. The Cornish Pump, as it is known, was donated by the Oliver Mining Company as a site for tourists to discover. Since then, Iron Mountain has a dedicated section in the Menominee Range Historical Foundation for the United States’ largest steam-driven pump engine where one can see antique mining equipment used in the area to mine ore.
  • Aerial view of iron mountainIron Mountain City Park: A scenic wooded park with lots to do and see, the Iron Mountain City Park has lots of open spaces from picnics and barbecues to athletic venues like soccer fields and tennis courts. Even more amenities include any number of family-friendly activities such as, bocce ball courts, a walking trail, enclosed deer habitat and a large log pavilion where Iron Mountain residents can rent spaces for parties, meetings, etc.
  • close up view of pine mountain ski jumpPine Mountain Ski Jump: The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is known as one of the highest artificially created ski jumps in the world! It is part of the Kiwanis Ski Club and every year they host the FIS (The Fédération Internationale de Ski or International Federation of Ski) Ski Jumping Continental Cup competitions. Every year in Feb. the Pine Mountain Ski Jump crawls with tailgaters and ski enthusiasts whom participate in this historic event. Pine Mountain Resort rests at the base of the ski jump and hosts thralls of people that stay all weekend during the FIS Ski Jumping competitions.

Iron Mountain, MI Shopping

Why not break up your sight-seeing ventures and treat yourself by purchasing souvenirs, knick-knacks, gifts for family and friends and other cute antiques, curiosities and more! Take a look below at some of the offerings Iron Mountain shopping can provide for you:

  • Echo Boutique logoThe Wishing Well Gifts: Established in 1971, The Wishing Well Gifts have original one-of-kind designs by the owner, Don Khoury, using repurposed local items retrieved from right here in Iron Mountain! Additionally, they sell candy, gifts, antique items and more!
  • Linnea and Kristine storefrontEcho Boutique: Is a modern clothing boutique that has a variety of clothing and accessories for men, women and children! Additionally, if you need to make room in your closet, check their calendar to see when Echo is available to sort through your donations. Clean and laundered items only, please! Thanks! Learn more about this trendy and fun boutique by clicking on the link above!
  • Linnea & Kristine Flowers and Gifts: A local family-owned flower and gift shop, Linnea & Kristine offers a variety of fresh-cut flowers, blossoming and green plants. “Buy the stem or buy the branch” — Linnea & Kristine also offer floral delivery services for all special occasions. Serving the Iron Mountain and nearby Kingsford, Norway, Niagara and Spread Eagle areas.

Waterfalls in Iron Mountain, MI

Natural settings and access to beautiful lakes and waterfalls are just a few of the reasons why you’ll find your move to Iron Mountain, MI ideal. Filled with a various blend of opportunities for you to enjoy, take in our wonderful falls which showcase Michigan’s Upper Peninsula natural beauty:

  • small waterfall over large and small rocks
    Fumee Falls:
    The Fumee Lake Natural Area has beautiful natural landscapes and over 11 miles worth of trails for everyone to enjoy. Surrounded by hills, this natural area gives one the impression that they are standing in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness. The roadside falls are along the north side of US 2 about 6 miles east of Iron Mountain. The Fumee Natural Lake Area is located in Breitung Township, which spans over 1,808 acres, including Big and Little Fumee.
  • Pemene Falls
    Pemene Falls: Located just outside Iron Mountain in Menominee County, Pemene Falls is the only waterfall in the county. This well-hidden jewel along the Menominee River lies between Wisconsin and Michigan and runs all the way into Lake Michigan. There are designated camping areas surrounding the falls and oftentimes it’s a great place to fish. Don’t try swimming though. These currents are much too strong and may sweep you away!
  • close up view of long slide falls
    Long Slide Falls: Another Michigan-Wisconsin bordering waterfall (although it’s technically in Wisconsin) is Long Slide Falls. This impressive waterfall has a long steep slide, about 50 ft., with some wonderful rock formations. Be careful though. There aren’t any railings or guards around, so it’s best to equip yourself with the proper hiking gear–shoes included. As with any hiking venture, be sure to map out your route and check to see if there will be any cell reception. To reach the Long Slide Falls, visit the Morgan Park in Wisconsin.

Why Move to Iron Mountain, MI?

There are a variety of reasons why one would call Iron Mountain, MI their home, and now you can too! Guindon Moving & Storage is there to help you get settled when you’ve settled chosen a new home, apartment or office.

Our team of professional movers know the area well and have local knowledge, skills and experience necessary to ensure your next local, long-distance or international move to Iron Mountain, MI is flexible and affordable.

We are a full-service moving and storage company that has been in the industry for over 80 years. Whether it’s just you or your family, our dedicated team of movers and packers will be there every step of the way. Whether you require packing and unpacking services, storage solutions or you simply need a team of professionals to help move items you’ve already packed, call on your local Michigan movers at Guindon Moving & Storage.

For more information regarding your next move, contact Guindon Moving & Storage by filling out our free estimate form or by contacting us directly at (800) 628-0927!

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